3D 60

BactALERT 3D 60
Automated Culture System

Advantages of automated Blood / Body fluid culture on BacT ALERT system over manual method.

  1. Specialised highly enriched media for faster recovery of micro-organisms, neutralization of antibiotics for patients already on antibiotics.
  2. Continuous monitoring every ten minutes.
    Rapid detection of bacteria & fungi (95% detected in 24 hrs.)
  3. Inbuilt Incubator and Agitator
  4. Bacterial and fungus culture in one bottle.
  5. Delayed vial entry: enables inoculation of samples even at off lab hours and their retention at RT.
  6. Plastic bottles reduce accidental spills, potential bio-hazard exposure and glass cuts.
  7. System is US FDA approved for culture of blood and other normally sterile body fluids.


  • Lower morbidity and mortality rates due to rapidity and accuracy of the results.
  • Faster initiation of corrective theraphy.
  • Reduced cost of hospitalisation.
  • Use of appropriate drugs for treatment will reduce Multi Drug Resistant strains.
Manual Blood Culture
Automated Blood culture( BacT Alert 3D 60)
Done in a series of manual steps Done in a single step
  • Tedious media preparation
  • Chance of contamination
  • Quality issues
Ready to use standardized media
Reading depend on multiple steps before coming to a conclusion regarding the positivity Continuous monitoring system
Reading done at the end of 24 hrs Reading done every 10 mins & recorded
Several bottles to be handled by technician Only a single plastic bottle to be used & monitored by instruments
Long incubation period Rapid detection of Bacteria &fungus (95% within 24 hrs)
Low yield of bacteria if patient is on antibiotics As media used in the bottle has a neutralizing substance the yield of bacteria obtained is good
Outside incubation so improper control on temperature affecting good results In-built incubation & temperature maintained at 37 C