About Microbiology Diagnostic Centre


Microbiology Diagnostic Centre – Dombivli: A Specialised Clinical Microbiology laboratory was established in 1997, by Deepak P. Kolambkar (M.Sc. Medical Microbiology; B. J. Medical college - Pune) with the aim of providing Quality Microbiology diagnostic services for Clinicians and patients beyond Thane.

Our goal is to provide Standardized microbiology for Quality patient care to reduce healthcare cost.

For over 25 years we are committed to delivering relevant diagnostic solutions and thereby empowering clinical decisions. We are always the first to incorporate the world’s best solutions for improved overall patient care.

In this Challenging environment we are taking a step forward by incorporating World’s best technology to provide accurate and clinically relevant results.

The primary role of our microbiology laboratory in patient care is to aid clinicians in identifying causative agents of various infectious diseases and help determine the antimicrobial susceptibility profiles, when appropriate. The information provided by our microbiology laboratory enables the clinicians to initiate or modify therapy, which will have a direct impact on patient outcome. The role of Micro lab begins when patient specimens are received in the laboratory; the laboratory will process and handle the specimens appropriately and in a timely fashion—that is, in a manner that ensures that the integrity of the specimen will not be compromised. Depending on the type of specimens and tests requested, the specimens will be worked up accordingly by performing different testing procedures, and accurate and reproducible results are generated. Clinicians will then use the information obtained to make clinical decisions and initiate treatment options best suited for that particular patient. To facilitate this process, we give utmost importance to clear communication between the clinician and the laboratory professionals performing the tests. This communication is critical because it facilitates efficient use of laboratory resources, as well as improving turnaround time for test results

We are affiliated to more than 30+ Hospital's and 60+ Laboratories.