Genexpert Test

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Xpert Assays Desciption Benefit to Hospital
Xpert® MTB/RIF Ultra(50 Tests) Detection of MTB and
Resistance to Rifampicin in less than 2 hrs
Xpert MTB/RIF Ultra as frontline diagnosis is tool moving a
step closer towards TB elimination. It’s a
game changer for overcoming the challenge of fast diagnosis of
TB in smear-negative patients
Xpert® HIV-1 Viral Load(20 Tests) Rapid, On-demand Testing
for HIV-1 Viral Load Monitoring in 90 Minutes
Xpert HIV-1 Viral Load delivers excellent performance as
required for routine patient follow-up
with the advantages of being simple and flexible enough to
accommodate any daily test volume as
well as any urgent single analysis.”
Xpert® HBV Viral Load(10Tests) Accurate and reliable
quantification of HBV DNA in human serum or plasma
In order to expand treatment of Hepatitis B, simplified and
easy to use core service interventions
are needed to implement effective HBV DNA Testing. Xpert HBV
Viral Load has the potential to
simplify disease management by offering a flexible workflow for
any testing setting and quality
results in approximately an hour.”
Xpert® HCV Viral Load(20Tests) Xpert HCV Viral Load is a
quantitative test that provides on-demand molecular testing for
diagnosis# and monitoring of HCV.
Cepheid’s Xpert HCV Viral Load test delivers results in hours
rather than days — with the simplicity
and ease of use of a point-of-care test. It is a very sensitive
test for confirmation of infection and
monitoring of HCV, and will assist in better patient
Xpert Xpress Flu/RSV(10Tests) Accurate and reliable
detection of Flu A, Flu B and RSV in as soon as 30 minutes
Enables healthcare providers to quickly deliver targeted
Xpert® CT/NG(10Tests) Accurate Detection of
Chlamydia trachomatis (CT) and Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) in 90 Minutes
An on-demand test capable of delivering accurate results while
patients are still present in the
   clinic provides
a much-needed advantage in efforts to control infectious diseases such as
Xpert® BCR-ABL Ultra(10Tests) Xpert BCR-ABL Ultra is a
quantitative test for BCR-ABL major breakpoint (p210) transcripts that
provides highly sensitive and
on-demand molecular results
monitoring patients with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia, including
accuracy (remarkably precise
International Scale calibration) and speed (in hours) of
reporting molecular response. These
performance characteristics are important from initiation of
therapy to the deep remissions
possible with the array of available therapeutic options.”
Xpert® FII & FV(10Tests) Xpert® FII & FV is a
qualitative genotyping test for the rapid detection of Factor II (FII) and
Factor V
(FV) alleles.
The test is moderately complex, but the assay is simple enough
to be performed reliably by
individuals without a background in nucleic acid diagnostics.”
Xpert® HPV(10Tests) High Risk HPV DNA Screen
and 16,18/45 Genotyping in Less Than One Hour
Cytology and molecular laboratories can run a HPV test with
confidence. Each test cartridge
contains everything you need, including two controls to ensure
test integrity and performance.
With Xpert HPV, efficient same-day patient consultation is
within reach of clinicians.
Xpert® Carba-R(10Tests) Detection and
Differentiation of KPC, NDM, VIM, OXA-48 & IMP-1 in 48 Minutes
Comprehensive infection control measures should be applied to
patients who are colonized or
infected with carbapenemase-producing organisms.3
Xpert® MRSA(10Tests) Active MRSA Surveillance
Testing in About an Hour
In an era of escalating antimicrobial resistance and lack of
new antibiotic discovery, the most
efficacious and timely method for S. aureus bacteremia
detection and antibiotic therapy with de-
escalation are needed. The Xpert MRSA/SA BC test, in
conjunction with an ID PharmD intervention,
provides increased clinical and economic benefits.
Xpert® C. difficile(10Tests) Accurate Detection of
Clostridium difficile in Less Than One Hour
The alarming rise in the incidence of Clostridium difficile
infection (CDI) highlights the need for
rapid and accurate diagnostic solutions. Today’s testing
methodologies have forced clinicians to
choose between solutions that deliver either speed or
Xpert SARS CoV-2(10Tests) Rapid on Demand Detection
of Covid-19 in 45 min with Minimum Handson time
Faster access to diagnostics resulting into faster Therapeutic